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Powerful combination in the making - proposed sale of Promens


A combined RPC-Promens could have annualised revenues approaching £1.6 billion across 95 plants and 11,200 employees. “The combination of RPC and Promens would be a very powerful one which would undoubtedly deliver tremendous value for our customers " says Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO of Promens.Read more

Proposed sale of Promens by FSÍ and Landsbankinn


Framtakssjodur Islands slhf. (“FSÍ”) and Eignarhaldsfélag Landsbankans ehf. (a subsidiary of Landsbankinn) (Landsbankinn) (together the Shareholders), have received an irrevocable binding offer (subject to certain conditions) from RPC Group Plc (RPC) to acquire, at the Shareholders’ sole option, the entire issued share capital of Promens Group AS and its subsidiaries (Promens).Read more


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